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Telegram bot for LostFilm.TV
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Attention: Supports only Russian localization yet!

Live bot

Telegram bot for LostFilm.TV. Powered by RethinkDB.

Needs Node.js 7+, because of using async/await construction in the code.

How to deploy

  1. Install Node 7+ and RethinkDB.
  2. Create database lostfilm. Also users, serials and feed tables in GUI (localhost:8080) (if you can, you can do it directly in code).
  3. git clone
  4. npm install
  5. Create file config.js in the root and paste it:
module.exports.private = {
	token: 'YOUR_TONEN'

Of course you will should to get token from @BotFather.


  • List of all LostFilm serials
  • Login into account and saving session
  • Personal list synced with site favorites
  • Ability to mark as watched
  • Regexp-based Search
  • About page for all serials
  • Downloading as ZIP all torrents for different quality
  • Personal notifications about new series
  • Localization on other languages
  • Suggest other features!

Feel free to commit and write me PM here!

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