An Ostiary client in a Java applet
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<title>Java Ostclient Notes</title>
<h1>Running as an application</h1>
 The Java client will run as either an application or as an applet. To
run it as an application, the following command should work:
   java -jar ostclient.jar
<h1>Running as an Applet</h1>
 The file <a href="AppletExample.html">AppletExample.html</a> shows
the HTML code used to embed the applet into a web page. There are two
optional parameters that can be provided to the applet:
  <li>OSTHOST - The host the applet should connect to.
  <li>OSTPORT - The port to connect on at the above host.
 If they are not provided, the associated fields in the applet will
be blank.
Note that applets, by default, only have permission to
intiate socket connections back to the host they were served from.
So (unless you configure your browser to give the applet extra
permissions) it will only be able to connect to the webserver that
served up the webpage it's embedded in. Which therefore implies
that Ostiary will need to be running on that webserver.
<h1>Source code</h1>
The source for the Java client is in the "/src" directory. A simple
script to build it called "" is provided.