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About the L2G/userscripts repo

This is a Git repository for the userscripts I'm developing. Its home is:

Userscripts are small JavaScript files designed to be inserted on-the-fly into Web pages to add functionality to them, to link to other services, or simply to make them look better. The concept was introduced by Greasemonkey, an extension for Firefox, but now can be used on most any Web browser (either natively or with the help of an extension or plugin). One popular catalog of userscripts is

What's in here

The development for each userscript is in its own branch:

  • loosen-up -- Loosen Up!, designed to make rigid Web page layouts more liquid and to make them fit a browser window of any width.
  • mbrpt -- MusicBrainsz Random Page Turn (great name, right?), which adds a button to any multi-page report on MusicBrainz that links to a random page.
  • USE -- the Universal Subtitles Enabler, designed to embed Universal Subtitles' subtitles directly into popular video websites.

For the current list of branches, browse the repo on GitHub or use the git branch -r command in your own cloned repo.