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Testbed and GUI to evaluate AQMs
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Testbed and GUI to evaluate AQMs

This repository contains a set of tools to perform graphical evaluation of different AQMs on a testbed consisting of 5 nodes - 1 AQM node, 2 clients and 2 servers. This setup is a requirement for all the tools to work.

The testbed can be provisionned using two scripts:

  1. should be run on the AQM node
  2. will provision the clients and servers

Both scripts assume that:

  • some environment variables are set which describe the settings. Those are listed in the file. You can override the defaults set in in a file named environment.local (which has to be executable).
  • All node can reach each other through a network, and all of them have a ssh server running.

The script can be used to create a virtualized testbed relying on libvirt/kvm.

Once the setup is complete, running will start the GUI and let you measure the behavior of various AQMs and congestion controls.

[More doc to come]

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