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LAFemTech // LA Tech Women is an evolving resource guide that will contain useful information for the local community. This is a community project and we welcome any positive input, contributions, or support! The goal is to be (agnostic) politically, socially, and technically, and focused on inclusion!

Main List
Coding Resources
Links for Youth
Other Resources

Lists to include

  • Local Women's Tech and Coding Groups
  • Non-profit organizations and resources
  • Girls and Youth groups and parent resources
  • STEM/STEAM based groups
  • Startup-focused groups
  • Hackathons, conferences, and other events
  • Online Resources

Contributing to this page (existing contributors)

  1. Open Terminal and clone this repository by running git clone

  2. Open the local directory

  3. Create a local branch to make edits locally
    git checkout -b <branchname>

  4. To preview the website on your local machine:
    cd LATechWomen
    python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000 Note You should have Python installed.

  5. Go to your browser and open http://localhost:8000/

  6. After your edits are complete, push your local branch to Github and submit a pull request.

<add details here for forking repository (for non-contributors)


  • Please add any suggestions on best practices or formats for maintaining or presenting groups or resources such as this via GitHub.
  • LA Fem Tech is loosely based on and inspired by DC Fem Tech.

See for more info


LA Fem Tech - A community resource guide with information about women's tech groups in Los Angeles



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