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AwesomePropertyExtractor (APE)

APE is a series of T4 templates autogenerating classes for your project, easing your development aswell as prevent aggrevating magicstring errors.

Here you will find detailed examples on what APE can do and how to use it.

It is split into sections based on the modules, so far we have:



What does the future hold?

With the DocType Properties we would like APE to automaticly find your code custom DataTypes and match the Umbraco DataTypes to that.

We have seen what we can do with T4 and want to expand APE to other parts of Umbraco and possibly beyond. Here is some of the things we have in mind:

  • MemberProperties
  • MacroProperies
  • MediaProperties
  • uCommerce ? ProductDefinitions and more.

Open Source

We have many ideas ourselves, but limited time.

Maybe you have some other crazy idea you would like APE to do well... Now you can!

We have made APE Open Source so you are able to contribute making some of the features we haven't had time to, fix bugs we haven't noticed or add some other goodies we never thought of!