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For Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference Hackathon 2017.
There is also a Hackathon website.

The repository for the 2016 LAK Hackathon may be of interest.

Purpose of this Repository

This is a free-for-all place to deposit anything created during the hackathon. The organisers will also use it to gather and disseminate information prior to the hackathon. If you are not a git user, find someone who is to help or show you how to add files.

If you are a git user wishing to contribute, please either: a) create a branch, or b) fork. The master branch is protected; issue a pull request, supplying a helpful message.

Using Issues and Projects

We will be using the "Issues" tracker to gather ideas for challenges to work on during the hackathon. Use the label "challenge".

Once working groups have formed, please use the "Projects" feature to brainstorm ideas about dealing with the challenge, and to organise priorities for action during the Hackathon. You will need a GitHub login which has been added to the Participants team (talk to the organisers).

Structure of the Repository

  • slides/ - copies of slide decks used in the introductory part of the Hackathon.
  • technical_docs/ - documentation etc for the technical infrastructure.
  • groups/ - a place where each working group can deposit outputs of any kind, from photographs of flipcharts to working code.

Licence and Copyright

Unless otherwise stated, all material in this repository is licenced under the Apache 2 license. Authors retain copyright. Please do not contribute material unless permitted to do so.

Privacy and Personal Information

Please take care to avoid disclosing any person-identifying information, or to transgress legal or ethical standards for protection of privacy.


For LAK Conference Hackathon 2017.






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