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Evidence hub of the #LAKathon 2019

On 4-5th March 2019 takes place the Learning Analytics Hackathon 2019.

We renamed the LAKHackathon in the #LAKathon


Interoperability challenge

xAPI profile, Tincapi profile. A consumer data elements are described as optional Many events are based on these profiles. Mapping the details of the profiles that consumers needed. Quite a large exerise. In the groups/interoperability there is a best practice guidelines on top of the standards what think is required.

Game-based analytics challenge

  1. Challenge was divided into 4 projects. Trying to find when the user is find a final solution but is quite complex.
  2. How to provide personalised feedback to the studetns, when people are stuck they might disengaged. Feedback depends on the objective. Might interesting to show what are the routes that people are taking but it is very hard creativity.
  3. Measure difficulty in the puzzle, we wanted to have complex measure of difficult

Curriculum analaytics challenge

We built two Curriculum Objects: 1. a bit of text, 2. lab session. The point of the challenge, we want to specify the curriculum into entities and attributes. Object description, Measurements, Student data. We also built the behavioural data. We have created a JSON markup which can be used into a human readable format, in this way you can see the course design a lot better. Each CO relate to a learning objectives, if the assessment shows the learning objectives are not met a diagnostic mechanisms can be created. We also tried to link the multimodal challenges into the Curriculum Object. We can take each distribution and see how each relates to performance. Metrics average time spent in the lab.


Evidence hub of the #LAKathon 2019






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