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Linux Apache MariaDB in the cloud

Default unsecure site <http://> configuration.

This repo contains content in the html folder and an apache2 configuration.

Content (DocumentRoot) is now at /var/www/<site>/html for all sites and configuration and supporting files within /var/www/<site> but not the DocumentRoot.

The LAM AWS EC2 lam1 CloudInit builds a LAMP model web service software stack instance from the Latest Ubuntu Server image available. The configuration and content is split into several sub directories of /var/www/ with each being a separate git repository. Each repo has the content in a html/ subdirectory as outlined below:

         |-- aws-nwo-lam1-Ubuntu-CloudInit.txt
         |-- <site>_apache2.conf
         |-- <site>_archive_rebuild.bash
         |-- html/           DocumentRoot /var/www/aws/html/
         |-- apache2.conf
         |-- Implement_no-ssl_conf.bash
         |-- Implement_more_sites_conf.bash
         |-- Implement_more_apache2_stuff.bash
         |-- <site>_apache2.conf
         |-- <site>_archive_rebuild.bash
         |-- html/           DocumentRoot /var/www/no-ssl/html/
             |-- Public/
                 |-- Scripts/
         |-- <site>_apache2.conf
         |-- <site>_archive_rebuild.bash
         |-- html/           DocumentRoot /var/www/<additional-sites>/html/
         |-- Implement_lam_conf.bash
         |-- <site>_apache2.conf
         |-- <site>_archive_rebuild.bash
         |-- .ht{group,passwd}
         |-- data/
         |-- html/           DocumentRoot /var/www/lam/html/
             |-- Private/
                 |-- Scripts/
  • Implement* These four scripts will implement the configuration when run with root (sudo) permissions.

  • aws-nwo-lam1-Ubuntu-CloudInit.txt is the configuration for the initializaton of the instance during the first and subsequent boots. During the first boot it updates all the installed packages and then installs additional packages to support LAMP model web services including a MediaWiki installation. It modifies the File System Table so that a LAM AWS Elastic File System (EFS) instance shared with all the LAM AWS EC2 instances is mounted by nfs4. The site subdirectories and additional software is installed from tgz archives on this persistant shared filesystem.

  • apache2.conf is the main apache2 configuration file. The /Public alias is included here allowing no-ssl/html/Public/ content to be accessed from any site and a set of /var/www/no-ssl/html/Public/Scripts Directory directives defining .cgi-pl as scripts to be accessed from any site. A set of custom error handlers are also defined here.

  • applies the public-hostname, public-ipv4, local-hostname and local-ipv4 values from the /var/log/cloud-init-output.log to the /var/www/aws/html/index.html and /var/www/aws/aws_apache2.conf files so the Dynamic Domain Name Service page is displayed when the AWS public domain name or IP address is visited.

  • <site>_apache2.conf is the site apache2 configuration file. The LAM AWS EC2 LAMP instance does not support .htaccess files. The <site>_apache2.conf file is linked into /etc/apache2/sites-available and then enabled with a2ensite in the Implement_more_sites_conf.bash script which also assigns a three digit numerical order for the sites. Force apache2 to read any changes in configuration files with: systemctl reload apache2

  • <site>_archive_rebuild.bash is a script to rebuild a tar archive if anything has changed since the archive was last rebuilt. By not rebuilding the archive if nothing has changed the data transmitted to a remote copy of the backups is reduced. The whole archive will be transmitted if any file changes but the archive is compressed. The archive rebuild should only be run on the master system and not on clones. The script is linked into the backup directory with: ln -s /var/www/${REPO}/${REPO}_archive_rebuild.bash
    /mnt/efs/aws-lam1-ubuntu/${REPO} The script will only run if the archive file already exists as it is used as the Newer reference. Create a zero byte archive file with an old date with: touch -d 1955-05-20 /mnt/efs/aws-lam1-ubuntu/${REPO}.tgz

  • site_perl-LAM contains perl modules to be linked into site_perl. The modules simplify a number of cgi perl routines used in both Public and Private scripts of the sites.

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