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#MeGAMerge MeGAMerge (A tool to merge assembled contigs, long reads from metagenomic sequencing runs)

##Description MeGAMerge is a perl based wrapper/tool that can accept any number of sequence (FASTA) files containing assembled contigs of any length in Multi-FASTA format to produce an improved contig set based on OLC based assembly. All overlap parameters (Minimum Overlap Length, Identity, etc) are user-declarable at runtime. It is written to run on Linux.

##Requirements: You will need to have the following tools installed and in $PATH, or added to $binpath in the tool:

  • Newbler (specifically runAssembly)
  • Minimus2 (part of AMOS, also requires MUMmer)

###Installation notes: MUMmer: For larger genome projects, the MUMmer package must be compiled in 64 bit mode. This can be accomplished using: make all CPPFLAGS="-O3 -DSIXTYFOURBITS"

AMOS: For installation of AMOS, AMOS tools must be able to find nucmer, delta-filter and show-coords as compiled above, either by adding it to the path before running ./configure Or by specifying variables: NUCMER,DELTAFILTER, and SHOWCOORDS when running ./configure in the amos directory. Example: ./configure NUCMER=/usr/local/bin/nucmer/bin/nucmer --prefix /usr/local/amos

##Usage: [options] output_directory


-overlap=NN Parameter for minimum overlap length in minimus2/Newbler (default = 80)

-minID=NN Minimum % identity for overlap in minimus2/Newlber (default 98)

-conserr=NN Maximum conservation error for minimus2 (default 0.06)

-cpu=NN Number of CPU for Newbler (default 4)

-bindir=directory Directory containing MUMmer executables and AMOS executables

-newblerdir=direcoty Directory for newbler executable (runAssembly)

-o=outfile Name of final file to output in output_directory (default MergedContigs.fasta)

-minLen=NN Minimum length to include in newbler assemblies (default 150)

-minIncludeLen=NN Minimum length to include in minimus assembly (default, 200)

-d Turns on debug information

-force Force overwrite of previous runs.

-single_genome=1 Runs assuming single genome, reducing auto-options (one newbler run, exclude fewer contigs, overrides -minLen and minIncludeLen)

##Citation Please cite:

Scholz, M., Lo, C.-C., & Chain, P. S. G. (2014). Improved Assemblies Using a Source-Agnostic Pipeline for MetaGenomic Assembly by Merging (MeGAMerge) of Contigs. Scientific Reports, 4, 6480. Retrieved from

if you use this software for your publications


MeGAMerge (A tool to merge assembled contigs, long reads from metagenomic sequencing runs)




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