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1) Virginia Geographic Information Network (whose purpose, powers and duties
are to facilitate the cost-effective development and use of spatial data, GIS,
and related technologies throughout the Virginia Commonwealth, to foster the
creative utilization of geographic information and oversee the development of
a catalog of GIS data available in the Commonwealth) is nominated for providing
state-wide LiDAR collected as part of 3DEP as "open data" solely in the closed
and proprietary vendor format with the file extension *.zlas ...
2) ...
The "HALL OF SHAME" is our funny-provocative and dicussion-starting way to
assure that our "open LiDAR data" is stored and distributed in our "open
LiDAR formats" to the benefits of users on any platform using any software.
We list agencies or portals that are distributers of "locked-up LiDAR"
and promote proprietary LiDAR formats by providing raw "pseudo-open" point
clouds exclusively in closed formats such as *.sid, *.zlas, *.rar, ...
We are taking "HALL OF SHAME" nominations ... (-;
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