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Martin Isenburg
Martin Isenburg committed Apr 19, 2015
1 parent f31b8bc commit 6bcdfdb06c03905a07b36398b4b75d37bc42fba9
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@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@ closed source tools:
* lastool.exe is an old GUI for multiple LAStools (now each tool has its own GUI)
* lasground.exe extracts the bare-earth by classifying all ground points
* lasground_new.exe an improved version of lasground.exe for complex terrains
* lasoverlap.exe checks overlap & vertical/horizontal alignment of flight lines
* lascontrol.exe quality checks elevations for a list of control points
* lasclassify.exe finds buildings and the vegetation above the ground
@@ -73,4 +74,4 @@ Please read the "LICENSE.txt" file for information on the legal use and licensin
of LAStools. I would also really like it if you would send me an email and tell me
what you use LAStools for and what features and improvements you could need.
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(c) 2007-2015 -

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