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Openstudio Occupant Variability Gem

Traditionally, building energy simulation use homogeneous and static occupant schedules, which lack temporal and spatial variations. This gem contains methods to improve the modeling assumption by introducing occupant related variabilities:

  • Stochastic occupant schedules
  • Dynamic electric lighting load
  • Dynamic miscellaneous electric load
  • Non-uniform thermostat setpoint (thermal preferences)
  • Dynamic ventilation rate

This gem is created based on openstudio-extension-gem. The contents and directory follow the same structure.


See license.txt for details.

See this disclaimer page for more Privacy, Security, Copyright, Disclaimers, and Accessibility Information


1. Install Ruby and OpenStudio.

If you have already done this, go to step 2.

Install Ruby using the RubyInstaller for Ruby 2.2.4 (x64).

Check the ruby installation returns the correct Ruby version (2.2.4):

ruby -v

Install Devkit using the mingw64 installer. Install Devkit and change directory to its main folder.

$ Ruby dk.rb init

Make sure the ruby you installed is in config.yml, which will allow Devkit to enhance it.

$ Ruby dk.rb install

Install OpenStudio v2.9.1. Create a file C:\your-ruby-2.2.4\lib\ruby\site_ruby\openstudio.rb and point it to your OpenStudio installation by editing the contents. E.g.:

require 'C:\openstudio-2.9.1\Ruby\openstudio.rb'

Verify your OpenStudio and Ruby configuration:

ruby -e "require 'openstudio'" -e "puts"

2. Use the variability gem in your project

Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'openstudio-occupant-variability'

Run ruby$ bundle install to install the gem, or install it yourself with:

$ gem install 'openstudio-occupant-variability'


Usage of this gem can vary based on your purposes. This section introduces the basic rake tasks and rspec tests.

1. Rake Tasks

To list all available rake tasks: bundle exec rake -T

Common rake tasks are inherited from the openstudio-extension-gem.

Rake Task Description
openstudio:list_measures List all measures in the calling gem
openstudio:measures:add_license Add License File to measures in the calling gem
openstudio:measures:add_readme Add file if it and the README markdown file do not already exist for a measure
openstudio:measures:copy_resources Copy the resources files to individual measures in the calling gem
openstudio:measures:update_copyright Update copyright on measure files in the calling gem
openstudio:runner:init Create a runner.conf file running simulations
openstudio:stage_bcl Copy the measures to a location that can be uploaded to BCL
openstudio:push_bcl Upload measures from the specified location to the BCL
openstudio:test_with_docker Use openstudio docker image to run tests
openstudio:test_with_openstudio Use openstudio system ruby to run tests
openstudio:update_measures Run the CLI task to check for measure updates and update the measure xml files

Rake tasks can be invoked by running: bundle exec rake <name_of_rake_task>

Several demonstration test cases are included in the ...spec/tests folder.

  • test_occupant_variability_spec.rb contains the script to test the occupant variability measures with seed models.

To run the tests, change directory to the folder and bundle exec rspec <name_of_test_variability_spec.rb>. Simulation(s) will run in the ...spec/test_runs folder.


This repository is part of the deliverables from the DOE Energy Data Vault project.