Remember Rule the Rail? Well, I do.
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I'm a big fan of Rule the Rail!. No, really, I mean it. It's great fun to build tracks and put trains on them and such. Some people, including me, are even willing to pay 20 bucks for a simulator so they can do the same thing on a computer. RtR is such a simulator with a huge set of models to play with, a sort of terrain management and automation.

What makes that piece of software unusable is its UI and the way automation works. Only three unique IDs? Seriously? Also, it's Windows-only. I've got my reasons for developing an open-source clone.

What's happening right now?

Currently I'm working on other projects, one of them being Distance, a framework I'm planning to use in OpenRail. When I get that into working condition, I'll add it as a submodule to OpenRail. Until then ... well, nothing.

Point is, the project is stuck in a cryochamber, but it's alive.

Getting it working

Don't even try it.


Open OpenRail.sln (a VS2012, toolset v110 solution file), select the target configuration and platform (Win32 or x64), hit F7.




OpenRail is available under the MIT license.