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(This README will be updated along with bot updates)

  • Price bot displays price of lbc for currency given.

    • Responds to !price <cur> <amount>
  • Stats bot displays current market stats of lbc.

    • Responds to !stats
  • Hash bot displays current hashrate of lbc network. Also Includes to calculate given MH/s to LBC & fiat per hr, day, week, month.

    • Responds to !hash

    • Responds to !hash power <MH/s> <fiat>

  • AltStats bot displays current market stats of specfied currency

    • Responds to !altstats <coin>
  • AltPrice bot displays current price for given coin and currency

    • Responds to !altprice <coin> <currency> <amount>
  • Github Release Notes bot displays release notes for current LBRY Desktop release.

    • Responds to !releasenotes

    • (moderator only) !releasenotes post - send to release notes channel

  • Purge Bot deletes X amount of messages.

    • (moderator only) Responds to !purge <X>
  • Speech bot displays top claim from provided image name(coming soon posting to speech).

    • Responds to !speech <imagename>
  • Welcome bot sends Direct Message when new users join,

    • (moderator only) Responds to !welcome <@username>
  • Timeout bot assigns members the timeout roll for X-minutes where they are restricted from talking

    • (moderator only) Responds to !timeout <@username> <Mins>
  • Roll Setter bot allows users to assign themselves rolls

    • Responds to !addrole <role> - Adds to Role

    • Responds to !delrole <role> - Deletes from Role

    • Responds to !roles - List Available Roles

  • LBRY URL Linker displays lbry:// urls as links to make them clickable

  • LBRY claim bot displays recent publishes on the lbry protocol

  • IRC bot to connect an irc channel with discord

  • Spam Detection Bot to Prevent Discord Raids and Spammers

  • Dynamic plugin loading with permission support.


  • node > 8.0.0
  • npm > 6.4.0


Create a bot and get the bot's API Token:

Edit and rename default.example.json in /config, then cd to wunderbot directory and run:

npm install --production
node bot/bot.js


Be sure to run the command below before working on any code, this ensures prettier goes to work and keeps code to our standard.

npm install

to run prettier before submitting your code simply run the following in the bots root directory.

npm run prettier

To be sure your build will pass with TravisCI, also be sure to run

npm run test