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@Surak256 Surak256 released this Feb 24, 2017 · 207 commits to master since this release


  • Voice commands to turn monitor on/off
  • Edit button for custom commands
  • LCARSForm class for handling bounds management and x32 interaction
  • Voice commands now have a configurable timeout
  • Added LCARS-style listbox
    • Main difference is selection indicator
    • Also adds simple way of using columns
  • All sounds can now be enabled/disabled in settings
  • All sounds can now be changed in settings (Still restricted to .wav files only)
  • Mouse wheel now works to scroll start menu


  • Removed option to constantly hide Windows Explorer (Caused major issues with message boxes)
  • Fixed manual bounds management being required for LCARS apps
  • Windows display only on the taskbar of the screen they are on
  • Lots of dead code removed
  • Several unnecessary components removed
  • Removed border around main screens (Saves some display real estate)
  • Reduced memory consumption of hidden windowless controls substantially
  • Updated manual


  • Check Wow6432Node for startup programs
  • Fixed button beeping on main screens not initializing
  • Fixed background apps on Windows 10 showing in the taskbar
  • Fixed alerts and personal programs editor not obeying working area
  • Fixed some compilation warnings for uninitialized values
  • Fixed button beeping sound reloading for every button click and every button
  • Fixed case sensitivity bug in command aliases
  • Hopefully fixed clock flickering bug
  • Fixed errors when launching a process that requires administrative privileges
  • Fixed language files not loading from new setting location
  • Fixed missing MouseLeave events on WindowlessContainer (Fixes text continuing to scroll on a button even if the mouse is no longer over it in file browser)
  • Unused settings and screenshots from previous versions are deleted
  • Fixed speech console only opening on primary screen
  • Fixed speech console not displaying current status of speech recognition on opening

Known bugs, issues, annoyances, etc.

  • Tray icons can only display on one screen at a time. This can't be fixed without removing all dependency on Windows Explorer.
  • There is an intermittent issue on Windows 10 with the desktop not being fully covered. If this occurs, exit LCARS, restart Windows Explorer, then restart LCARS to fix it.
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