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Monitors collisions in gazebo and publishes their timestamp in a ROS topic
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This node has two functionalities:

  • Forwards collisions between any two models in gazebo (at least one model must be dynamic).
  • Monitors collisions between two given models then republishes its timestamp in ROS.

Parameters (see launch file for an example):

  • gazebo_physics_contact_topic_name: gazebo topic where contacts are published. Usually follows the pattern /gazebo/ [world name] /physics/contacts. Check your world file to find out the world name. Or check published gazebo topics with gz topic -l

  • collisions_timestamp_topic_name: ROS topic where collision timestamps will be published.

  • robot_model_name: first model name to consider in monitored collisions published in above topic. It is used as a wildcard, partial names can be used.

  • actor_model_name: second model name.

  • collision_names_topic_name: All collisions are published in this topic name.

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