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Docker configurations for STRANDS ROS systems
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L-CAS distro docker image(s)

Do run an interactive session in the fully installed STRANDS base system, simply make sure you have docker installed on your machine, and then you can simply run

docker run -it --rm lcasuol/lcas-docker:xenial-base /bin/bash

to launch an interactive session.

Running on a Linux host

If you want to run this with your local user and actually have the docker container access your X server, run something like:

docker run -it --rm \
    --user=`id -u` \
    --env="DISPLAY" \
    --workdir="/home/$USER" \
    --volume="/home/$USER:/home/$USER" \
    --volume="/etc/group:/etc/group:ro" \
    --volume="/etc/passwd:/etc/passwd:ro" \
    --volume="/etc/shadow:/etc/shadow:ro" \
    --volume="/etc/sudoers.d:/etc/sudoers.d:ro" \
    --volume="/tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix:rw" \
    lcasuol/lcas-docker:xenial-base /bin/bash

Running on OSX/Windows

This is a useful guide for running X-enabled docker images on OSX:

and here is a gist run this on a MAC:



Building locally

build locally via docker build --tag lcasuol/lcas-docker:xenial-base --network host .

Automated builds on

This repository is set up to release automatically a STRANDS docker image into the official docker repository at

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