Code of paper "Combining range and direction for improved localization" presented at ICASSP2018
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Combining range and direction for improved localizatioin

This repository contains the code presented at the IEEE International Conference on Acoustic Speech and Signal Processing 2018 in Calgary CA.

Authors: Gilles Baechler', Frederike Duembgen', Golnooshsadat Elhami', Miranda Krekovic', Robin Scheibler, Adam Scholefield and Martin Vetterli.

' equal contributions.

Last modified: 17 April 2018


This repository contains the following components:

  • Plots.ipynb, the ipython notebook used to reproduce all plots used in the paper. This is the best point of entry.
  •, the code used to run your own simulations.
  •, some very simple tests to make sure the code runs.
  • icassp_results/ contains the results used in the paper (created by run_simulation)
  • other folders create some example test results.


This repository relies on a python toolbox called pylocus, which contains implementations of various angle- and distance based localization algorithms.

The source code and installation instructions can be found at

The results were created using the release 0.0.1 of the package. If you use pip, you can install it and other required packages by running

pip install -r requirements.txt


Feel free to create issues or pull requests, or send an e-mail to if you run into any difficulties while using this code base.