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.................................................... Data Augmentation for Text using GAN ............................................

Some important details about repo :

  1. File named as is main file to run the data augmentation pipeline.
    It needs a json file as input which contains :
    Parameter 1 : data location for train data
    Parameter 2 : Number of pre-training epochs for generator
    Parameter 3 : Number of Adversarial training steps
    Parameter 4 : Number of pre-training epochs for discriminator
    Parameter 5 : Batch Size
    Parameter 6 : Number of steps in each training for discriminator
    Parameter 7 : Number of steps in each training for generator
    Parameter 8 : label distribution for which experiment is taken place
    Parameter 9 : For finetuning for last few epoch i.e, after seed number ;using particular label distribution
    Parameter 10: location to save the augmented data
    Parameter 11: Number of samples to generate
    Parameter 12: Number of steps in each pre-training for discriminator
    Parameter 13: Label length i.e, for single label data set ; Use 1 ; Otherwise use number of labels it has
    Parameter 14: Type of reward i.e, either to 0 : for subtract or divide and 1 : for to multiply or add.
    Parameter 15: Maximum value of reward i.e, in case of bleu, it is 1.
    Parameter 16: Minimum loss generator can have . Used for condition on generator for epochs
    Parameter 17: suffix to directory made for storing the augmented data for different experiments
    Parameter 18: Threshold on frequency of words to be considered as extras for minimizing the vocab size i.e, for toxic = 10;imdb = 20;sst = 0.
    Parameter 19: Location of training label pickled file
    Parameter 20: Flow in adversarial training i.e, 1: G--->D or 0: D--->G.
    Parameter 21: plugged-in flag i.e, # bleu, subset_acc, ham_loss, rank_loss
    Parameter 22: plugin operation i.e, # add, multiply
    Parameter 23: To give condition of hidden embedding or not. i.e, # 1 : conditional and 0 : Non-conditional
    Parameter 24 : Epsilon value for convergence criteria
    Parameter 25 : Experiment name (Main folder where each and everything will get store) \

Sample json file for reference is given as "sample_input_json.json".

  1. is script to run the pos and threshold based methods (These are our baseline.) \
  2. Other notebook (.pynb) and python files are auxiliary files for classification using RNN, Transformer, CNN, LSTM, etc and preprocessing codes. \
  3. We have some generated data from our proposed gan for references.

References for code: