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Travis CI / Travis CI - Pull Request successful Aug 5, 2019 in 1m 7s

Build Passed

The build passed, just like the previous build.


This is a pull request build.

It is running a build against the merge commit, after merging #14867 TSL:20190805 How To Find Hardware Specifications On Linux.
Any changes that have been made to the master branch before the build ran are also included.

Jobs and Stages

This build only has a single job.
You can use jobs to test against multiple versions of your runtime or dependencies, or to speed up your build.

Build Configuration

Build Option Setting
Language Minimal
Operating System Linux (Xenial)
Build Configuration
  "os": "linux",
  "git": {
    "depth": false,
    "submodules": false
  "dist": "xenial",
  "group": "stable",
  "deploy": {
    "true": {
      "branch": [
    "provider": "pages",
    "local_dir": "build",
    "github_token": "$GITHUB_TOKEN",
    "skip_cleanup": true
  "script": [
    "if [ \"$TRAVIS_PULL_REQUEST\" != \"false\" ]; then sh ./scripts/; fi",
    "if [ \"$TRAVIS_PULL_REQUEST\" = \"false\" ]; then sh ./scripts/; fi",
    "if [ \"$TRAVIS_EVENT_TYPE\" = \"cron\" ]; then sh ./scripts/; fi"
  ".result": "configured",
  "install": [
    "sudo apt-get install jq",
    "git clone --depth=1 -b gh-pages build && rm -rf build/.git"
  "branches": {
    "only": [
    "except": [
  "language": "minimal"
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