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2017-2018 Work Plan

LD4 Community Working Group on Reconciliation


The outline of this work plan was decided at our group kick-off meeting on 22 May 2017. To be revisited as needed during the process of work and work calls. This skeleton work plan and any future changes to this work plan are made as pull requests with review by the whole group.

Evolving Work Plan

  1. Gather/Identify Use Cases (2.5 months, June - mid-August):
    • Identify common use cases for reconciliation & entity resolution as a group;
    • Make use cases expressed in a common way - see our shared use-case issue template;
    • Work on an accelerated time line for these use cases;
    • Pull in idea of context & standards as applicable.
  2. Assessment & discussion of gathered use cases to split up among work areas (2-3 months, August - October):
      1. algorithms and approaches to matching needs as identified in use cases;
      1. abstract out workflows & identify shared pieces between them;
      1. Other work areas as identified;
  3. Develop or identify (multi-tracks?) tools for the work areas surfaced (Dates TBD);
    • Steps TBD based on upstream work;
    • Tools implemented across institutions;
    • efficiency of tools/solutions

Original Ideas

Back-lot of ideas raised for work steps/output, kept for future referral:

  • community solutions for working together around recon;
  • fitting use cases into tools around recon, automation as part of migration workflow;
  • list of existing reconciliation tools & a comparison of them;
  • Identify common reconciliation use cases;
  • Develop flexible (modular perhaps?) abstract workflow models for use cases;
  • Create functional requirements for shared workflow components;
  • Set of leveled (i.e. simplest to complex) reconciliation and matching algorithms for common reconciliation cases & data types (i.e. going from label look-ups based off various string matching algorithms to contextual data matching based off of string and other data type matching algorithms for multiple fields attached to a resource);
  • Work on light-weight tools for certain needs listed above to make proof of concepts or support intermediate work & review;
  • give feedback to institutions like Library of Congress;