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Currently AWB supports Condor execution for benchmark runs. This is good if your benchmarks take a while to run and not as good if your main builds take a while. Soon however, builds will also go in parallel on the Condor cluster.

Using condor to run jobs requires the use of AFS and tools installed there in. As such there’s a bit of environment to set up.

Build setup

A few deb packages are needed to build awb:

build-essential libpopt-dev libqt-perl* libqt3-mt-dev libz-dev verilog gtkwave

This only needs to be done once per machine, however, so it won’t be necessary for most users.

File setup

echo condor >> .software

Condor runs jobs as system:anyuser, so we need to give it access to a few key directories:


the entire workspace directory where you want to run the regression

.bash_profile setup

source /afs/csail.mit.edu/group/csg/tools_lx86_64/condor/condor.sh





This will enable the condor batching option.

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