Linux drivers

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Linux drivers

Drivers are typically FPGA-platform specific. Recent LEAP-supported platforms (e.g. Xilinx ML605 and VC707) use the Bluespec-provided BlueNoC to implement PCIe physical channels. A copy of the BlueNoC driver can be found in the platforms repository (source:trunk/drivers/linux/platforms/bluenoc-pcie/driver). The LEAP copy differs from the standard BlueNoC driver only in the naming of devices. Standard BlueNoC names are /dev/bluenoc_1, /dev/bluenoc_2, etc. and are assigned in unpredictable order. The LEAP version uses PCIe bus names, e.g. /dev/bluenoc_0000:04:00.0. Build the BlueNoC driver using “make” in the driver directory.

leap-fpga-ctrl in LEAP Base Platform Tools may be used to load drivers. The example ML605 and VC707 control scripts load the driver from /usr/share/leap/drivers/bluenoc.ko. If using BlueNoC and the standard scripts, the driver should be built and stored there.

Building Drivers for Ubuntu (12.04/Precise, 14.04/Trusty)

To install the LEAP BlueNoC linux driver:

cd <workspace>
awb-shell checkout package leap-platforms
cd drivers/linux/platforms/bluenoc-pcie/driver
make install

Once the BlueNoC driver is installed, you can verify it with the golden bitfiles

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