Nallatech ACP FSB socketed FPGAs

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Nallatech ACP FSB-socketed FPGAs

This project provides code to implement the virtual and physical platforms for the ACP platform.

Physical devices supported

  • FSB memory
  • Local SRAM

System-wide installation instructions (Preliminary/Incomplete)

General awb installation

Do the following steps of an awb/asimcore installation:

Install the FPGA control program/drivers

Do the generic FPGA-board setup.

Install the ACP software

Obtain and install the NALLATECH libraries. NALLATECH seems to put these in /usr/local/nallatechAAL/AAL_ACP-, having a link there to the ‘current’ version seems a good idea.

Note: We find the code distributed on the systems shipped around June/July of 2009 is broken and recommend a fresh install of what seems to be the same version. Source TBD.

User-level setup and use

User setup for NALLATECH libraries

Add the following to your .bashrc


Checkout the ACP package

% awb-shell checkout package platform-acp

Note: Currently access to this repository is only available by request.

Run an example design

Follow the instructions for building/running an example design, but select a model that uses the ACP FPGA environment, i.e., usually that will be a model with a name that ends in _acp.

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