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upload update jquery core to 1.11.2
INSTALL some modifications to make files up-to-date
LICENSE some modifications to make files up-to-date
README some modifications to make files up-to-date


... or not.

Why this? A readme is a typical document that no one is interested in, except something is going wrong during the installation ;-)
Since we went to gitHub there are some changes that should be explained a little bit more detailed.

1. We will now use the documentation to inform about modifications of LEPTON CMS, developers as well as agencies and users. We are sure these informations are helpful.

2. Please don't use this repository for productive installations, because this is a developers SVN.
You can download all available packages on our homepage
in the download area!

3. Please report all issues from current stable release to issue tracker in the svn:
but please have a look on our forum before you post an issue:

For more information about LEPTON project visit our homepage.

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