Plugin to compile QT applications with 'Code::Blocks'
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doxygen - version 2.3.0 for Code::blocks-sdk-1.36.0 Aug 28, 2018
src - fix error in 'qtprebuild hasIncluded(...)' Sep 1, 2018
qtPregen-2.3.0-unix.cbp - version 2.3.0 for Code::blocks-sdk-1.36.0 Aug 28, 2018

QtPregen-2.3.0 August 28, 2018 (Win-32, Linux-64)

Plugin to compile QT applications with 'Code::Blocks'

Version for all 'Code::Block, sdk >= 1.25.0, svn >= 10127'

Last: sdk = 1.36.0, svn = 11350 -> 11454

It uses a log 'Prebuild log' for all posts plugin.

1- Overview

It is a plugin to compile C++ Qt5 applications using 'Code::Blocks', in a very similar way as projects 'wxWidgets'.
For now it works on 'Win-32 and Linux-64'.

2- Features

It does not use the 'Makefile'

This generates additional files the project by the Qt works
'moc (.exe)', 'uic (.exe)', 'rcc (.exe)'  in a single directory in the active target :'adding/targetname'

1- it detects meta-objects 'Q_OBJECT' and 'QGADGETS' in files
    '*.h, *.hpp, *.cpp' and generates files 'moc_xxxxxx.cpp'

2- it detected in file '*.cpp' files included by
     '#include "moc_xxxx.cpp' or '#include" yyyyyy.moc'
  to mark those files included 'no compile' and 'no link'

3- detects forms of files '*.ui' to generate files 'ui_filename.h'

4- detects resource files '*.qrc' to generate files 'qrc_filename.cpp'

3- 'QtPregen' contains :

1- a plugin project 'QtPregen.cbp' using the directory 'src'

2- a directory 'patch' containing patchs for versions of 'Code::Blocks'
 (10253, 10376, 10474, 10528, 10600, 10703, cb-16.01, 10816, 10856, 10922,
 11021, 11112, 11176, 11210, 11227, 11246 (=17.12), 11313, 11401, 11428, 11454)

3- a directory 'CodeBlocks' containing wizards and files 'cbqt5'

4- Installation to 'Code::Blocks 11454'

1- first install wizards 'cbqt5',

2- then the patch 'cb-11454-evPREGEN-x.x.x.patch' and recompile the modified source of the version 'Code::Blocks-11454',

3- then with 'C::B-11454' compile and install the plugin 'qtPregen' 
    - change the local variable 'cb = $(#cb11449)' in agreement with your global 'cb11454' which should identify sources of 'Code::Blocks'

5- Using

1- create a new project by 'cbqt5',

2- compile and run (if executable).