a python script that harvests metadata from CSW web services
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This is a python script that harvests metadata from CSW web services and saves some information from these metadata in a postgreSQL database.


This script is used to analyze Spatial Data Infrastructures for the GEOBS research project : https://www-iuem.univ-brest.fr/pops/projects/geobs.


How to run

The PostgreSQL database must first be created. A database dump is provided with database/csw_harvester.sql

Physical Data Model

The host, port, database name, schema, user and password must be set in csw-harvester.py.

The CSW list is read from a CSV file ; an example is provided with sources-csw.csv. For each CSW, you can set a start in each step (for example, if set at 30, records will be extracted 30 by 30). Lines can be commented with #

You can then run the python script csw-harvester.py with the following options :

  • -f OUTPUTSCHEMA, --outputschema=OUTPUTSCHEMA outputschema : default = http://www.isotc211.org/2005/gmd

  • -s SOURCES, --sources=SOURCES CSV file, 7 fields separated by comma: num_idg, name_idg, begin_record, end_record, MAXR, url, url_idg

  • -l LOG_FILE, --log-file=LOG_FILE LOG file

  • -c, --completion completion mode

  • -d DATE, --date=DATE Extraction date

The completion mode (true by default) is used to run another iteration of the script without overwriting the data already stored in the database. This is useful if for example one CSW stopped working after a given record and you want to start again from this record.

The date option is used to force the extraction date stored in the database, if - for example - you are using the completion mode and want the extraction date to be the same for all metadata.


This project is published under the General Public License v3.