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Drupal Stack

Everything is available thanks to make commands.

  • make up: Launch containers
  • make stop: Stop containers
  • make prune: Remove containers
  • make ps: See current containers launched
  • make shell: Access to bash on PHP container
  • make drush: Launch drush command
  • make logs: Show logs
  • make composer: Launch composer command
  • make site-install: Install site
  • make site-update: Update site
  • make build: Rebuild containers
  • make xdebug-enable: Enable xdebug
  • make xdebug-disable: Disable xdebug
  • make xdebug-install: Install xdebug

For development

First installation

Edit .env file and change COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME for your own project name.

make build
make up

Then launch Drupal installation.

Drupal Installation

Add prod after the command for prod mode. By default, dev is considered:

make site-install prod

In dev mode (default), installation will override admin password by admin and will provide dev environment and tools. Credentials are:


Drupal Update

Add prod after the command for production. By default, dev is considered:

make site-update prod

Errors solutions

In case you have an issue about uuid, copy uuid from your file then paste it in the command below

make drush config-set "" uuid "[uuid]"

In case you have the following issue during update, this means the default language uuid is different in database that from config files:

Synchronisation de la configuration : create language.entity.en.     [ok]
Drupal\language\Exception\DeleteDefaultLanguageException: Can not    [error]
delete the default language in
Stack trace:

To fix this, copy the uuid from your language.entity.[default].yml file and paste it in command:

make drush config-set "" uuid "[uuid]"

Access to the website

Put the following line in your /etc/hosts file (replace lequipetech.localhost by your own domain): lequipetech.localhost

Go to http://lequipetech.localhost

Development tools


Start and stop xdebug

Xdebug is included and disabled by default. To enable it:

make xdebug-enable

For performance reasons, it's advised to disable xdebug when you don't need it.

make xdebug-disable

If Xdebug is not installed:

make xdebug-install

Xdebug in browser

Depending of your browser, launch xdebug plugin/extension.


  1. In Phpstorm menu > Preferences > Languages & Frameworks > PHP > Debug
  • Set Debug Port to 9001
  • Set Simultaneous connection to 8
  1. Then go to Run menu > Edit configurations.
  • Click on +
  • Select PHP Remote Rebug
  • Choose a name, like Xdebug
  • Apply and OK
  1. When you need xdebug, click on the phone button to listen xdebug connections.
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