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Welldom, the XML toolbox for PHP Build Status

Welldom try to ease the use of DOM to manipulate XML documents with the following features :

  • Error management
  • Unique encoding for XML input/output
  • Simple methods to query and manipulate the DOM with Xpath
  • Batch on node list
  • Node rename & remove methods


  • PHP 5.3+
  • PHPUnit 5.6+


The library follow the PSR-0 naming convention. To load the library, use any compliant class loader or simply require the src/autoload.php file.

require __DIR__ . '/path/to/expdom/src/autoload.php';


Load an XML document:


use Welldom\Document;

$doc = new Document('UTF-8');

if (false === $doc->load('data.xml')) {
    $errors = $doc->getLastErrors();
    throw new Exception("XML Loading error\n" . implode("\n", $errors));

// ... enjoy your DOM document

Find a node values using XPath:

$values = array(
    'title' => $doc->getNodeValue('//book/title'),
    'lang' => $doc->getNodeValue('//book/title/@lang', 'en'),

Execute action on each node matching a given Xpath:



Run tests

Run PHPUnit test suite:



For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE file that was distributed with this source code.