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For developers


The source codes of LFAQ can be downloaded for free from the github.


  • Have a Visual Studio (version 2013 or above) installed.
  • The .net framework (version 4.5 or above) should be installed in advance.
  • DownLoad and install the Boost C++ library(version 1.57.0 or above) in advance for compiling the project.
  • Xerces-C++ (version 3.1.4 or above) is needed for reading XML data. To use Xerces-C++ in your project, you should build it with your compiler at first (See details).
  • To use the function of GUI visulization, the R (vesion 3.2.5 or above) is needed.

Compiling the solution

  1. Open the sln file in .\LFAQ\Sourcecode\ProteinAbsoluteQuan by visual studio 2013 (or above).
  2. Before compiling the project, the following properties must be configured at first:
    1. Load project
    • Include Directories:
      • Add ..\ProteinAbsoluteQuan;
      • Add the "Boost include path";
      • Add the "Xerces inlcude path";
    • Additional Include Directories
      • Add the "Xerces lib path";
    • Additional Dependencies
      • Add "xerces-c_3_1D.lib" or "xerces-c_3_1.lib" depending on whether you choose "release" mode or "debug" mode.
    • Copy DLL file of Xerces to the debug and release directory.
    1. ProteinAbsoluteQuan project
    • Include Directories:
      • Add the "Boost include path";


May you have a pleasure journey with LFAQ. If you have any problems or advices, please let us know.
Cheng Chang( or
ZhiQiang Gao (

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