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Flatiron Likelihood-Free Inference Meeting, March 18-22 2019


Meeting website here:

Logo Logo credit: @danielhey

The goal of this interdisciplinary meeting is to gather developers and users of Likelihood-Free Inference methods to share latest techniques, use cases and applications across different fields, and discuss open challenges. Part of this workshop will also be dedicated to a few hack days with the goal of seeding the development of a common probabilistic programming framework for Likelihood-Free Inference as well as collaboratively working on LFI-related hack projects.

Repository content

  • Website: Source files for the meeting website
  • Talks: Coming soon

Tracking of Hack Projects

We are using the GitHub issues in this repository to track and discuss hack project. Have a look the issue page or the meeting website to see existing projects.

Feel free to open a new project by using this issue template.

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