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Gcode interpreter and demultiplexer, and a Go library for controlling the Staübli robotic arm at the London Hackspace.
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# gdmux

To run a single gcode file: `gdmux -arm /dev/ttyStaubli [gcode file]`

To run a launch the web interface: `gdmux -arm /dev/ttyStaubli -http :8002`

Since this will mainly be running on Linux, we just deal with the serial ports as files.
It's up to the user to set them up with the correct parameters (baudrate, stop bits, parity, etc.) using `stty`.
This keeps things nice and simple.

## Getting/Building

For the Go parts, everything should work with `go get`. Run `go get` and gdmux will be installed in your Go bin directory.

For the V+ parts, refer to your trustly V+ manual.

## Testing

To test the command and packages, run `go test ./...`.
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