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LIISim 3.0.6

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@rphm rphm released this 03 Apr 15:23
· 1 commit to master since this release
  • Qt framework updated to 5.10.1
  • Matio Library updated to 1.5.11
  • zlib version 1.2.11 added for MATLAB file compression support
  • Export: MATLAB export reworked, new structure with support of parallel export for
    unprocessed and processed data, standard deviation, temperature calculator
    metadata, file compression
  • Plugin:Transfer: new plugin for transfering processed signals from raw to
    absolute processing chain
Bug fixes
  • Fixed scaling problems with high DPI displays (
  • Plugin:Baseline: offset from LIISettings was only applied for first channel
  • Plugin:MultiSignalAverage: when plugin is added, 'end signal'-field is now set to the highest signal number
  • FitCreator: FitRun is removed when associated MRun is removed
  • AnalysisTools - TemperatureFit: fixed crash when selecting a datapoint without a valid temperature signal calculated
  • AnalysisTools - TemperatureFit: when 'clear plot' button of FitVisualization plot was pressed, additional legend items in FitResults are added
  • AnalysisTools - TemperatureFit: for Fit Results plot, 'Show' combobox items were swapped
  • AnalysisTools - ParameterAnalysis: multi-signal average signals are only shown once for temperature traces
  • SignalPlot: channel description in plot legend showed 'ch' for temperature signals
  • SignalPlot: standard deviation envelope was displayed even if channel was deactivated
  • SignalPlot: channel selection is now preserved while the checkboxes are displayed and other MRuns are selected
  • SignalPlot: channel checkboxes label changed to 'T#' when signal type is temperature.
Other changes
  • ExportDialog: selected export type is now saved/restored across restarts
  • FitSettings: revamped due to scaling issues on high DPI displays
  • GeneralSettings: default session file name unified to 'iniSession.xml'
  • GeneralSettings: button added to reset splitter states
  • GuiSettings: added functions to load/save/reset splitter states
  • SignalPlot: Channel checkbox bahavior improved: channel checkboxes state is preserved if other MRun is selected and if checkboxes are hidden, all channels are shown again.
  • MRunDetails: table layout improved
  • SignalManager: changed some status messages, so they are constantly displayed during signal processing
  • AnalysisTools - ParameterAnalysis: changed data table resize method, resizing is now possible after table update