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Version 3.0.7

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@rphm rphm released this 04 Jan 15:21
  • DatabaseEditor: Properties can now be directly edited within the GUI and all supported property types can be selected from a dropdown menu

  • AnalysisTools - MeasurementList: new analysis tool for visualization of all loaded MRuns and parameters in a table, supports copy/paste functionalities to clipboard

  • AnalysisTools - TemperatureFit: customized Planck curves can be added for comparison to the 'Fit visualization' plot

  • AnalysisTools - TemperatureFit: added plot tools and auto-scaling to 'Fit visualization' plot

  • AnalysisTools - TemperatureFit: added plot tools for 'Result' plot

  • AnalysisTools - ParameterAnalysis: new parameter types 'min/max of range' and 'time at min/max signal value'

  • AnalysisTools - ParameterAnalysis: plot type of 'Parameter Visualization' plot can now be changed by right click menu

  • Export: IOCSV: temperature traces can now be exported, export options added

Bug fixes
  • Code fixes for support of MSVC2017 compiler
  • AnalysisTools - TemperatureFit: fixed iteration counter in spectrum plot
  • AnalysisTools - TemperatureFit: auto scaling modified to prevent the plot to clip into the legend
  • AnalysisTools - ParameterAnalysis: shows now ND-transmission for each channel instead of filter identifier
  • DataTableWidget: x-values are now shown in their correct unit (previously only time unit)
  • Export: IOMatlab: handling for default ND-filter added (vector in MATLAB files could be empty)
  • Export: IOCSV: removed false error message about 'dt'
  • Import: ImportDialog: now shows name of LIISettings filename in error message if file was not found
  • IOCustom/ImportDialogHelper: fixed import window not closing after successful signal import
  • NotificationWindow: fixed auto scrolling bug when new log messages are appended
  • MRunSettings: fix for "settings not found" problem occured in some cases
Other changes
  • IOMatlab, SignalManager, ExportOverwriteDialog: dialog window is opened if export filename already exists (overwrite or choose another name)
  • DatabaseEditor: reminder for 'unsaved changes' added
  • DatabaseEditor: reworked error handling
  • DatabaseEditor: added generation of unique filenames, dialog is now instanciated with db type to check for name duplicates
  • DatabaseEditor, MasterWindow: dialog window opens at exit if database editor contains unsaved changes
  • MRunDetails: settings changes are now color-marked, warning at exit added if settings are not saved
  • Signal: added functions to calculate min and max value of signal range
  • Signal: added functions to calculate time at max/min value
  • AnalysisTools - TemperatureFit: moved 'clear plot' button from 'Fit' plot toolbar to planck curve settings