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@Philipp-Reisner Philipp-Reisner tagged this Mar 26, 2019 · 44 commits to master since this tag

 * Fix UUID handling of a diskless primary that has no peer with
   usable data may not touch the current UUID
 * Fix resync-after dependencies; cross-resource dependencies
   and missing resources
 * Fix resync when the sync source suddenly connects to a more recent
   data set via an other connection and becomes sync target on that
   other connection; pause first resync; fix wrong display of negative
   resync progress percentage in this case
 * Fix volume numbers between 32767 and 65534
 * Fix the data integrity implementation; it was broken since drbd-9.0
   and reported only false positives
 * Fix for a corner-case when a promote action happens concurrently with
   a reconciliation resync
 * Improve resync code to be able to fully utilize fast storage
   backend devices and fast networks with resync traffic; as a side
   effect the settling time of the resync controller got shorter in
   for most cases
 * Show in the user-visible message who the opener is if if demote/down
   fails doe to someone holding a drbd device open
 * docker file for a "load drbd module container" and allow to disable
   user-mode-helpers, which is necessary for this container
 * compat for v5.0 kernel
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