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CLI management tool for DRBD. Like top, but for DRBD resources.
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Like top, but DRBD

drbdtop simplifies monitoring and administrating for DRBD resources. Previously available tools and techniques that provide status information on DRBD do not allow you to change the status of DRBD resources, and tools that allow you to change the status of DRBD resources, do not provide information on their status.

In addition to allowing the user control and monitor the general state of resources from the same utility, detailed status information is also provided to help the user gain insight to performance-related factors.

The best sources of information on drbdtop are our gh pages site and running drbdtop --help.


Interactive Mode

To start the interactive TUI simply run the drbdtop command.

For a short introduction to this view, please read this short article.

Building and Installing

drbdtop is written in Go. If you haven't built a Go program before, please refer to this helpful guide.

go get


We welcome anyone to contribute, but we'd like you to please file an issue to get the conversation started before making a pull request. Development happens on the develop branch, which can be rebased every time. The master branch is reserved for releases.



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