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Docker volume plugin for LINSTOR
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LINSTOR Docker Volume Plugin

This plugin allows to create Docker volumes replicated via DRBD and LINSTOR.


As the plugin has to communicate to the LINSTOR controller via the LINSTOR python library, it is important to set the client configuration:

cat /etc/linstor/docker-volume.conf
controllers = linstor://hostnameofcontroller

It is possible to set all the options that can be set on the command line (man linstor-docker-volume). For example one can set the file system like this:

cat /etc/linstor/docker-volume.conf
controllers = linstor://hostnameofcontroller
fs = xfs

File system configuration

This is important, please read carefully: The plugin creates a n-times redundant, cluster wide, replicated DRBD resource and to be able to mount it, it creates a file system on top of that. Most file systems try to discard data on creation time. This makes sense, but depending on the features your physical disks support, storage provisioning, DRBD version, and kernel versions, discarding (or writing zeros) can take longer than Docker is willing to wait. For now we decided that the plugin does not mess with file system options, it is the responsibility of the user to set these accordingly. You most likely want to disable discards, here an example for ext4:

cat /etc/linstor/docker-volume.conf
controllers = linstor://hostnameofcontroller
fs = ext4
fsopts = -E discard


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