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@rp- rp- released this Jul 25, 2019 · 58 commits to master since this release

Release highlights:

  • Search domain for nodes

If you have registered your linstor satellites with the FQDN you can now set the
new controller property SearchDomain with your common domain part and than
you only have to use your subdomain part for commands.

  • File based storage pools (loop devices)

We have a new storage pool types file and file-thin that uses files as loop devices (via losetup), that support all of our Linstor features.


The REST-API can now be access through HTTPS if configured and all requests to HTTP will than return a redirect to the HTTPS address.
To setup HTTPS you have to create a java keystore file[1] with a valid certificate and
configure the [https] section in /etc/linstor/linstor.toml file.

  keystore = "/etc/linstor/keystore_server.jks"
  keystore_password = "linstor"
  • Basic LDAP support

Linstor has now support for basic LDAP authentication, this means you can configure a LDAP server and a search_filter and allow only members of a certain group access to Linstor.
A requirement for LDAP is authentication support is that you have configured Linstor with HTTPS.
Here is a sample config entry in our new /etc/linstor/linstor.toml config file:

  enabled = true 
  uri = "ldaps://"
  dn = "uid={user},ou=users,o=ha,dc=example"
  search_base = "dc=example"
  search_filter = "(&(uid={user})(memberof=cn=linstor,ou=services,o=ha,dc=example))"

The {user} template variable will be replaced with the login user.

  • External meta-data support for DRBD

Before creating the resource just set the new StorPoolNameDrbdMeta property on the resource-definition or volume-definition for the storage pool you want to use for external meta-data.

  • New TOML based configuration file

The current /etc/linstor/database.cfg should automatically migrated to the new /etc/linstor/linstor.toml file.

linstor-server 0.9.13

  • Maria db with large index is now supported
  • Basic LDAP support
  • File based storage pools (FILE provider)
  • External meta-data support for DRBD
  • HTTPS support for REST-API
  • REST-API version 1.0.7 (2 new fields)
  • Node name resolving based on search domain property
  • Fix always add resources to the retry task if they failed
  • Improved error handling on REST-API calls
  • Fixed LVM-thick allocation sizes
  • Better show active net interface on nodes
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