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import constants
# Domain from which you will access this app
# If running on a port other than 80, append it after a colon at the end of the domain, e.g. ''
# Use HTTPS by default?
# This is only used for deciding whether to use the http:// or https:// prefix when constructing full URLs,
# and is not related to your web server configuration.
# The type of build environment
# build_environment.DEV won't minify CSS and Closure-compile JavaScript; build_environment.PROD will.
# Dev and prod environments also use separate databases, modern_paste_dev and modern_paste, respectively.
BUILD_ENVIRONMENT = constants.build_environment.PROD
# Option to use encrypted IDs rather than integer IDs
# Set this to True if you want paste IDs to be encrypted, e.g. displayed as h0GZ19np17iT~CtpuIH3NcnRi-rYnlYzizqToCmG3BY=
# If False, IDs will be displayed as regular, incrementing integers, e.g. 1, 2, 3, etc.
# Choose to allow paste attachments
# This will allow for users to attach files and images to pastes. If disabled, the MAX_ATTACHMENT_SIZE and
# ATTACHMENTS_DIR configuration constants will be ignored.
# Allow only paste attachments below a certain size threshold, in MB
# Set this to 0 for an unlimited file size.
# Location to store paste attachments
# Please use an absolute path and ensure that it is writable by www-data.
ATTACHMENTS_DIR = '/var/www/modern-paste-attachments'
# Database host
# Optionally change the host on which the MySQL server is running; defaults to the same server hosting the site.
DATABASE_HOST = 'localhost'
# Database name
# It's suggested you leave this as default.
# IMPORTANT NOTE: You must create this database yourself before running this app.
DATABASE_NAME = 'modern_paste'
# Username and password for MySQL identity with R/W access to the DATABASE_NAME database.
# It's suggested you create a new user with permissions only on DATABASE_NAME.
# If you like, you can also use the 'root' identity.
# IMPORTANT NOTE: You must create this database user yourself (if it doesn't already exist) before running this app.
DATABASE_USER = 'modern_paste'
DATABASE_PASSWORD = 'U4bV96S7uchYnJv4WK4akKfzdqKhDFLOpfm0XspYkTF7gyJawhmpZnBi1KdAQNPqxqoUbNDZzuxX0LOgyMc2g8B2NS2j2Fib'
# Choose to enable or disable user registration
# If False, the web interface will not allow access to the user registration page. Additionally, the API endpoint
# for creating new users will respond with an error.
# This is useful for private or internal installations that aren't intended for public use.
# Choose to require users to be logged in to post pastes
# If True, the web interface will allow access to the paste post interface only if the user is signed in. Additionally,
# the API endpoint for creating new pastes will respond with an error if not authenticated with an API key tied to an
# existing, active user.
# This is useful for private or internal installations that aren't intended for public use.
# AES key for generating encrypted IDs
# This is only relevant if USE_ENCRYPTED_IDS above is True. If not, this config parameter can be ignored.
# It is recommended, but not strictly required, for you to replace the string below with the output of os.urandom(32),
# so that the encrypted IDs generated for the app are specific to this installation.
ID_ENCRYPTION_KEY = '6\x80\x18\xdc\xcf \xad\x14U\xa7\x05X\x7f\x81\x01\xd5\x19i\xf3S;\xcaL\xcf\xe2\x8d\x82\x1a\x12\xd9}\x8c'
# AES iv for CBC block cipher operation, advice as per key gen above
ID_ENCRYPTION_IV = '1234567890123456'
# Flask session secret key
# IMPORTANT NOTE: Open up a Python terminal, and replace the below with the output of os.urandom(32)
# This secret key should be different for every installation of Modern Paste.
FLASK_SECRET_KEY = '\x90]\xd4SDI\xb9h\x89\x01\x9f\xa5\xd9\xa1\xb6\xf8]\xb5\x077\x1d\xceB^\x00+\xf2\xcfs\xef*\xa0'
# Languages
# A list of all languages you want to support with the app. Add 'text' for plain text support.
# Only use strings from the directory app/static/build/lib/codemirror/mode