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webgrep is a web client for livegrep.


To build a standalone webgrep binary,

$ npm run build
$ npm run release
$ ./webgrep --help


See config.example.yaml for an example configuration file. The config file location can be specified at runtime with the --config flag.

The following documents each field and its expected value:

Key Required Description
server.listen_addr Yes IP address and port on which to bind for listening for incoming HTTP requests
server.livegrep.load_balancing_policy No Load balancing policy to use among multiple livegrep replicas; one of round-robin (rotate through all servers on each request), failover (prefer earlier servers, failing over to next servers on request errors) (default exclusive use of first server with no load balancing)
server.livegrep.servers[] Yes Array of livegrep server addresses
server.metrics.statsd.addr No Address of the statsd server or listener for metrics reporting (default disabled)
server.metrics.statsd.prefix No String prefix for all emitted statsd metrics (default webgrep)
server.metrics.statsd.sample_rate No statsd reporting sample rate (default 1.0)
server.cache.redis.ttl No TTL for Redis cache keys (default 10 minutes)
server.cache.redis.prefix No Prefix to apply to Redis cache keys (default webgrep)
server.cache.redis.socket No Redis Unix socket path
server.cache.memory.ttl No TTL for in-memory cache keys (default 10 minutes)
server.source.gitlab.base_url No Gitlab instance base URL for source code viewer (default
server.source.gitlab.access_token No Gitlab API access token No URL to an image to use as the logo shown in the upper-left corner No Formatting string for creating browser page titles (default webgrep) No About text shown in the Admin section
client.resources[].title No Title for an arbitrary external link shown in the Admin section
client.resources[].href No URL for an associated external link shown in the Admin section
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