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Official Desktop Client

Simple, not so lightweight client for Windows/Linux/Mac.

The window will snap to the edges of your screen. Click the cogwheel button on the app or rightclick its tray icon to configure various options as described below.


Download the latest release from here and run it.


  • Scroll on volume icon to change the value, or click on it to show the bar
  • Log in to favorite songs right from your desktop
  • Easily switch between JPOP and KPOP in the tray context menu
  • Supports 2FA if you have it enabled on your account
  • Supports windows media controls and media display
  • Display album art in both the app and the windows media controls
  • Clicking on artist name or album art will open a tab on your browser with that artist/album page
  • Toggle preferring romaji names over native japanese spellings
  • Toggle the player to be always on top
  • Toggle gaps between player components
  • Toggle small/big album art
  • Minimize the app to tray
  • Hide the app from the taskbar


This is still in development. Stuff might break.


desktop-app © iCrawl. Authored and maintained by iCrawl.

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