userspace support for Feather-Trace (and sched_trace)
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What is this?

This repository contains tools and scripts for working with the tracing facilities in LITMUS^RT. In particular, tools are provided for

  1. recording and processing overhead data, obtained from LITMUS^RT kernels with the help of the Feather-Trace tracing infrastructure, and for

  2. recording, visualizing, and analyzing scheduling traces in the sched_trace format, which are also typically obtained from LITMUS^RT kernels.

Prefix Convention

With one exception, tools and scripts prefixed with ft work on Feather-Trace overhead data (in either "raw" binary form or in derived formats). Conversely, tools and scripts prefixed with st work on scheduling traces in the sched_trace binary format.

The one notable exception is the low-level tool ftcat, which is used both to record overheads and scheduling events.


There are two guides that provide an overview of how to to work with the provided tools.

Some additional information is also available on the LITMUS^RT wiki.

Users are expected to be comfortable reading the (generally clean) source code. When in doubt, consult the source. If still confused, then contact the LITMUS^RT mailing list.