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215c6d3 Apr 20, 2016
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package trylock
import (
const mutexLocked = 1 << iota
// Mutex is simple sync.Mutex + ability to try to Lock.
type Mutex struct {
in sync.Mutex
// Lock locks m.
// If the lock is already in use, the calling goroutine
// blocks until the mutex is available.
func (m *Mutex) Lock() {
// Unlock unlocks m.
// It is a run-time error if m is not locked on entry to Unlock.
// A locked Mutex is not associated with a particular goroutine.
// It is allowed for one goroutine to lock a Mutex and then
// arrange for another goroutine to unlock it.
func (m *Mutex) Unlock() {
// TryLock tries to lock m. It returns true in case of success, false otherwise.
func (m *Mutex) TryLock() bool {
return atomic.CompareAndSwapInt32((*int32)(unsafe.Pointer(&, 0, mutexLocked)