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Vndr is simple vendoring tool, which is inspired by Docker vendor script. Vndr has only one option: -verbose. For initiating you will need config vendor.conf with lines like:

Import path               | revision                               | Repository(optional) 03a4d9dcf2f92eae8e90ed42aa2656f63fdd0b14

Just set $GOPATH and run vndr in your repository with vendor.conf.

(Note: Your repository must be in proper place in $GOPATH, i.e. $GOPATH/src/

You can use Repository field for vendoring forks instead of original repos.

Also it's possible to vendor only one dependency after initial vendoring:

vndr 03a4d9dcf2f92eae8e90ed42aa2656f63fdd0b14



to take revision and repo from vendor.conf.

If you experience any problems, please try to run vndr -verbose.

Known issues

  • vndr vendors only top packages, i.e. and not If there is "non-top" packages in vendor.conf, vndr might fail badly.
  • if you use symlinks for managing GOPATH or packages in it, vndr might not be able to work properly.