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VERSION A, 110217
Field 0, raw pressure in hPascal:
hPA*100 (example for 1013.25 becomes 101325)
no padding (987.25 becomes 98725, NOT 098725)
If no pressure available, send 999999 (6 times 9)
If pressure is available, field 1 altitude will be ignored
Field 1, altitude in meters, relative to QNH 1013.25
If raw pressure is available, this value will be IGNORED (you can set it to 99999
but not really needed)!
(if you want to use this value, set raw pressure to 999999)
This value is relative to sea level (QNE). We are assuming that
currently at 0m altitude pressure is standard 1013.25.
If you cannot send raw altitude, then send what you have but then
you must NOT adjust it from Basic Setting in LK.
Altitude can be negative
If altitude not available, and Pressure not available, set Altitude
to 99999 (5 times 9)
LK will say "Baro altitude available" if one of fields 0 and 1 is available.
Field 2, vario in cm/s
If vario not available, send 9999 (4 times 9)
Value can also be negative
Field 3, temperature in C , can be also negative
If not available, send 99
Field 4, battery voltage or charge percentage
Cannot be negative
If not available, send 999 (3 times 9)
Voltage is sent as float value like: 0.1 1.4 2.3 11.2
To send percentage, add 1000. Example 0% = 1000
14% = 1014 . Do not send float values for percentages.
Percentage should be 0 to 100, with no decimals, added by 1000!