My girl friend is HR, she wants to learn programming. So Python!
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Teach Girl Friend Python

My girl is HR, but she wants to learn some programming. So Python~


  • Lesson 1: Python in terminal
    • Shell and terminal
      • Terminal is the outter app
      • Shell is the software run within terminal
      • We use bash, because Bourne Again improved SHell.
    • What is file path
      • It's something like /Users/liriansu
      • Very alike Windows's C:\\Users\\liriansu
    • Run python in terminal
      • Just simply type python
      • You can only modify current line
      • Because it's command history, just as chat history in wechat
    • Why code style is important
      • This is some agreements
      • We write code for humans to read
    • Let's type a sample python program
      • This program calculate the sum of [1, 100]
      • Gauss did this very young


for x in range(1,101):
    print s


    s = 0
    for x in range(1, 101):
        s = s + x
    print s
  • Lesson 2: Statement, function, and modules(libraries)
    • Function sum shorten our long program
    • Function input make program flexible
    • Builtin functions
    • Statement for and print
      • Python 2.7, Python 3.6
    • Re-usable function save our life
    • Programming encourage us to use others' code
      • Statement import
      • Easter eggs: import this and import antigravity
      • This is python :evil:
      • Shell command pip install xlrd
    • Module datetime
      •, month, day)
      • (datetime_x - datetime_y).days
    • Google is best teacher