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I am the reflection of the world we want

LKRcoin is a crypto coin that strives to reward human potential
with a stable exchange rate, offering a superior 
and guaranteed return on investment.

One more step in the development of the community of LAKRASS TEAM
a group of professionals in various workspaces, informatic, entrepreneurs,
traders, miners, who focus their income mainly in obtaining crypto
currencies, doing work that benefits the Development and overcrowding
of blockchain technology.

Reward per block:50 LKR
Percentage of PoS:100%
Last PoW block:10000
Age min Stake: 1 hours.
Max. Stake Age: Unlimited.
Target range: 1 block.
Maximum actions: 23333333
Quantity premined: 10% = 2333333
Maturity of the coin base: 10 blocks.
Confirmations: 5 blocks.