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Nexus APT Plugin

this plugin generates a Packages.gz for each nexus repository and allows the repository to be listed in a debian /etc/apt/sources.list file so that it can be used by aptitude/apt-get/ubuntu software center.


The 'Downloads' section of this project contains the latest builds. Please download the latest and unzip it into the sonatype-work/nexus/plugin-repository/ and restart nexus.

to be sure that the index is regenerated (the plugin adds attributes to index) it could be neccessary to delete the index files under sonatype-work/nexus/indexer

All repositories now contain a Packages.gz that lists all debian packages the indexer was able to find.


Nexus Version Plugin Version
2.11.x and greater 1.1.2
2.8.x and greater 1.0.2
2.7.x 0.6

The plugins might be compatible with earlier Nexus versions, but are not tested.

Debian Packages from a Maven Build Process is a small example on how to create debs in a Maven process and works together well with this plugin.


The indexer cannot find packages when there is a main artifact with the same name: If the artifacts are named like:

  • nexus-apt-plugin-0.5.jar
  • nexus-apt-plugin-0.5.deb

The indexer won't index the debian package. In order to make the indexer index the debian package it needs a classifier:

  • nexus-apt-plugin-0.5.jar
  • nexus-apt-plugin-0.5-all.deb

This is fine.

Known Bug

When maven uploads an artifact to Nexus, it uploads 2 files: the deb file and the pom. Nexus then indexes the artifact, but it does this for the 2 files simultaneously. Depending on which file is uploaded last (seems to be random), the debian package information may or may not be in the index and therefore may or may not be in the Packages/Packages.gz files.

To fix the index contents, start an 'Update Index' action on the repository.

This is an issue with the indexer in Nexus 2.x.y. Sonatype is planning to use a new indexer technology in their Nexus 3.0 release.

Adding a repository to sources.list

just add the line deb ./ to your /etc/apt/sources.list. Type apt-get update and all debian packages in the repository can now be installed via apt-get install.


This plugin was created by and is now maintained by


Sonatype Nexus plugin to publish all debian packages in a Packages.gz so that the Nexus repository can be used as an APT repository (Debian Advanced Packagaing Tool)






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