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This is a fork of DjangoBB customized for Scratch 2.0. DjangoBB is a quick and simple forum which uses the Django Framework (written in Python language). Abbreviation DjangoBB stands for Django Bulletin Board. DjangoBB is distributed under the BSD license.
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This is a fork of DjangoBB forums, modified to plug into Scratch 2.0.

The connection points are as follows:
* Scratchr2 should have a relative symlink to djangobb_forum in its parent directory, which points to ../s2forums/djangobb_forum
* It also needs a relative symlink to djangobb_forum inside its static directory( /scratchr2/static/djangobb_forum ) that points to ../../s2forums/djangobb_forum/static/djangobb_forum
* should be modified to import ../s2forums/djangobb_forum/, so that the necessary settings for ScratchR can be found in this repository. Yeah!
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